Why Refinish?

Bathtub, Tile, Sink & Countertop Refinishing

The process of refinishing is one that can restore a variety of home appliances and fixtures to a virtually new condition. While you may be considering replacing your bathtub, sink, or tiles altogether for newer ones, refinishing is a far superior and cost effective option that will save you both time and money.

Florida Bathtub Refinishing are experts in completely transforming the parts of your home that need a professional’s touch. Trust Florida Bathtub Refinishing to provide excellent services in:

  • Bathtub Refinishing
  • Tile Refinishing
  • Sink Refinishing
  • Countertop Refinishing
  • Vanity Refinishing
  • Spot Repair

Refinishing a bathtub can provide the clean, new look that you are searching for without going through the hassle of installing a completely new tub. The process of replacing a bathtub can not only be very expensive, but time consuming as well. The best option for most homeowners is to look into having their bathtubs refinished instead.

The bathtubs of a home are typically one of the first aspects to be installed during the construction process. This is due to many factors, one being that all the plumbing and pipes connected to the tub must be completed prior to finishing the base construction. Additionally, most tubs do not fit through the narrow openings of bathrooms and need to be placed inside before completing construction of the door frame and surrounding walls.

Therefore, it is possible to change your bathtub and purchase a new one if you decide so, but the process of installing a new tub and removing the old one may be more expensive and trouble than it’s worth. So, you may be wondering, “What are my options?” At Florida Bathtub Refinishing, we strongly recommend first considering refinishing your bathtub.

Refinishing is the process of refreshing the worn surface of a bathtub by reglazing and re-enameling the bathtub completely. This process can make a bathtub that has been regularly used for years appear brand new. Any existing cracks or chips are filled and repaired in order to salvage the rest of the tub rather than replacing it altogether.

Refinishing is a fantastic option if your tub is an unwanted color, rusted, cracked or otherwise damaged. Replacement can take days or even weeks and can complicate your busy schedule. A tub replacement could bring in a demo crew, plumber, drywaller, carpenter and/or painter. Finding the time to schedule all these different individuals can cause your life to become even more hectic and strained.

In comparison, refinishing usually takes just a few hours to complete and, in most cases, you will be able to use the fixture the same day!

Refinishing can be done in any one of our standard colors, or a totally custom color. Either way, we can match your current décor.


Total Replacement

Liner Option

Refinish Option


$2,000 – $3,000

$2,000 plus

Just a fraction of the cost!

Time without tub

7 – 10 days

2 days

24 hours


15 plus years

5 – 10 years

Lifetime Warranty

Color availability

Limited to what’s produced – 3 to 5 colors

Limited – only 2 or 3 standard colors

Any color is available

Look and feel

Porcelain, plastic or fiberglass

Acrylic or plastic shell

Retains the look and feel of the original porcelain and ceramic fixtures

Disruption to home and life

Major: dust, debris, dumpsters, drywall, several workmen

Moderate: dust and debris

Minimal: one worker, done in a few hours

Bathtub Refinishing is not a very good do-it-yourself (DIY) project. It involves strong chemicals and skills that are beyond that of most homeowners. You can find bathtub refinishing kits on the internet, but they use inferior quality materials. You definitely get what you pay for. Furthermore, you need some fairly expensive equipment to get the look you really want. Don’t throw away your money and time. Get it done right the first time with a professional.

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