Non Standard Bathtubs

If your bathtub has begun to lose its shine and mint appearance, you may consider purchasing a new tub altogether. While this may seem like your only option, Florida Bathtub Refinishing has a far superior solution that is guaranteed to save you both time and money.

Bathtub Reglazing is a repair method that is a better alternative to switching to a new bathtub before the one you currently own has run its course. While your tub may be looking old and worn, all it takes is an expert’s touch and the right products to reveal the stunning, nearly good as new bathtub that is hidden within.

The reglazing process first begins with the deep cleaning of your tub. Over the years, soap scum, body oils, and mineral deposits accumulate and take away from the tub’s appearance. This is inevitable, regardless of how well you work to keep your bathtub clean and in good condition. Constant use will wear down the surface of the tub that can only be corrected by a professional.

Our experienced team at Florida Bathtub Refinishing will use specialty cleaners  and techniques to properly cleanse your bathtub. We will then fill any cracks, holes, or chips, which are very common in bathtubs that are worn and have not been maintained for a few years. This all allows for the reglazing process to fully settle.

The best part of having your bathtub reglazed is that it will dramatically improve the appearance of the rest of your bathroom area. After a successful reglazing treatment, your bathtub will have a shine and glow that it has not possessed since the day it was installed.

Choosing to install a brand new bathtub before first trying the reglazing process is a rookie mistake. Homeowners spend an obscene amount of time and money dedicated to installing a new bathtub in their home when the one they currently have just needs a bit of elbow grease. Over the years, Florida Bathtub Refinishing has provided expert bathtub reglazing services that has transformed the way our customers approach their home improvement projects.

Have your worn bathtub restored to its original condition today and contact our incredible team at Florida Bathtub Refinishing! Give us a call at (305) 667-5929 for Miami-Dade county or (954) 463-8900 for Broward county. For any further questions or concerns, click here. We look forward to working together to completely transform your home!

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