Vanity Refinishing

An elegant bathroom vanity can add a lot to the overall appearance of a room. While homeowners usually take precautions to prolonging the life of their vanity, there usually comes a time where a bit of elbow grease may not be enough to preserve your vanity any longer. If your vanity has begun to lose its shine and appear worn, it is time to call in the experts.

Florida Bathtub Refinishing offer vanity refinishing services that will make your vanity look nearly brand new in just hours! This may sound too good to be true, but it is a process we have become experts in after years of experience, and we have only become more skilled with each project.

Bathroom vanities can be expensive, and depending on the size and style, can also be incredibly complicated to replace. If you are considering replacing your bathroom vanity for a new one, you need to take into account the process of removing your current vanity, purchasing a new one that will match the rest of your bathroom appliances and decor, and properly installing the new vanity in order to ensure that it functions correctly. Rather than worry and stress over hiring different individuals to complete this process or attempt to do it yourself, it is a much better option to simply restore the vanity that you already own.

At Florida Bathtub Refinishing, we see the hidden beauty behind your appliances and fixtures. While they make appear worn and outdated on the outside, all it takes is an expert’s touch to completely transform its condition. We believe in doing all you can to preserve your home before resulting to purchasing new, unneeded appliances and fixtures that may appear to be ruined.  

Refinishing a vanity can turn an outdated powder room into a showpiece. The techniques also work well on in bathrooms too, frequently accompanying a tub refinish. Follow the links below to see the wide range of faux-granite colors we offer for counter refinishing.

If you would like to completely transform the appearance of your bathroom vanity, Florida Bathtub Refinishing is just a phone call away! If you are located in Miami-Dade county, dial (305) 667-5929. For Broward county customers, call (954) 463-8900, or click here to request a quote!

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