Care & Cleaning Instructions

* Do not use cleaners like Ajax, Comet, or any harsh abrasives as this tends to dull surfaces and will cause your refinished fixture to lose its shine and luster over time.

* For cleaning your refinished fixture, we recommend you use cleansers that are non-abrasive and non-acidic, such as Fantastik, Lysol Tub and Tile Cleaner, 409, Pine Sol or any other liquid cleaner that does not contain acid.

* If you have a stubborn stain, use a mild abrasive like soft scrub or Bon Ami powder.

* Do not use bath mats that have suction cups. Do not leave soap, bottles, non-slip mats or decals, metal or foreign materials on the refinished surface. Always use a soap holder.

* Don’t use chemical drain cleaners or clog removers, these contain a strong acid and will ruin the finish.

* For kitchen sinks we recommend that you use a plastic mat without suction cups to prevent scratches and chipping from pots and pans. Warranty will not cover peeling that was caused by the use of a bath mat or leaking faucet.

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